Internet Crime
Computer Crime
Credit Card Fraud

White Collar Crime

“White collar crime” is a phrase for a wide variety of criminal activities.

The Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen has handled numerous criminal cases, including trials.  You will be provided the practical, outcome-oriented legal solution you need for whatever white collar crime you have been accused of.  Have you been charged with:

  •   An Internet or computer crime?
  •  Credit card fraud or theft?
  •  Identity theft?

We have the in-depth experience needed to defend against “white collar” and other financial criminal charges.  We have defended clients who are corporate CEOs as well as mid-level and low-level management.

What we will do for you:

  •   Whatever your background, a corporate officer, and accountant, your rights will be protected.  Whatever crime you may be charged with, you will be assured that your Constitutional rights are protected.
  • We will work to understand the complexity of your case.  We will thoroughly investigate all allegations, witnesses, reports and documents.  Your case will be evaluated for its strengths and weaknesses as well as the strength and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s theory of the case.
  • We will insist the persecutor follows the law of having to proof guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Not only will we raise questions of the prosecutions case, any applicable affirmative defenses will be asserted on behalf of the accused.

The Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen has the know-how to handle “white-collar” criminal cases.  If you have been accused or law enforcement wants to question you, talk to a seasoned attorney, today at his Orange, California office.

Internet Crime


Internet crimes such as Internet fraud are serious offenses with disturbing consequences.  If you are being investigated for or have been accused with an Internet crime, you can trust the experience of the Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen, to protect your rights and future.

Attorney Hansen’s years of experience, allows him to foresee the prosecution’s strategy and offset them with a well designed defense.  You will receive the advantage of his 15 years of legal experience and successfully handling many cases with favorable outcomes.

You will have the benefit of having all aspects of your computer and Internet case examined.  All efforts will be made to reduce the charges against you, diminish pending penalties, or achieve a dismissal or not-guilty verdict.  Contact his Orange, California office today for a free consultation.

In some Internet crimes, the prosecution is obligated to provide evidence that you intended to violate the law.  Using a skilled and experience attorney will help you defend this important point.

Let Mr. Hansen’s understanding of handling the different types of computer and Internet crimes help you with such crimes as:

  • Internet fraud, credit card fraud, “Phishing schemes” and identity theft
  • Computer hacking
  • Creating and distributing viruses

If you have been accused of an Internet crime, let the Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen help you by putting his experience to work for you.  He provides a free initial consultation,  Contact his Orange, California office today, to discuss your case and legal options.



Computer Crime


Internet fraud, is also known as cyber crime,  It can be any of the many crimes which take place on a computer in chat rooms, on message boards, e-mails and several other places on the Internet.  If an individual violates Internet fraud regulations they may be subject to large fines and years of prison time.  In 1999 the U. S. Department of Justice produced the Internet Fraud Initiative and since then the government has expanded its efforts to examine and prosecute Internet fraud cases around the country.

Examples of Internet fraud are:

  • Acquiring classified national security information
  • Computer hacking
  • Performing fraudulent monetary transactions
  • Distributing a computer virus
  • Copyright theft
  • Cyberstalking
  • Destroying computer data
  • Fraudulent money creating schemes
  • Identity theft
  • Computer data theft

Other types of Internet connected fraud are scams which may aim at individuals or businesses.  A few ordinary Internet scams consist of the following:

  • Job and business opportunity stings
  • Identity theft prevention dodges
  • Investment swindles
  • Winning of prizes rip-offs
  • Work at home cons
  • Financial aid cheats

If you have been charged for any type of Internet fraud in Orange California, or its surrounding areas, you should engage a qualified and proficient computer fraud attorney who has the know-how and talent needed to obtain the best results possible.

If you have been arrested for Internet or computer fraud your case calls for the assistance of an practiced, knowledgeable, and capable attorney who will obtain the outcome you desire.  Contact the Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen for a FREE case evaluation.



Credit Card Fraud


Credit card fraud is a crime often regarded as a “white collar” crime, since it is related to finances and businesses. Being charged with credit card fraud not only could put you at risk of jail time, but could also put your business at risk.  If you are currently being examined for credit card fraud in Orange, California, or its surrounding areas, contact the Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen, to make sure you obtain the quality counsel and representation you need.

One of the most common types of credit card fraud in the state of California is using lost or stolen credit cards to buy goods.  Credit card fraud involving the Internet is a rapidly increasing development.  A common type of Internet based credit card fraud happens when lists of stolen credit card account numbers are put up for sale on the black market or exhibited for others to observe and exploit.

Below are some other forms of fraud.  The punishments for these crimes have heavy sentences:

  • Counterfeiting an access device, like a credit card, an account number, or a personal identification number
  • Transferring, interchanging or trafficking credit cards
  • Using an unauthorized credit card

Depending on a variety of vital aspects of the case, a defendant convicted of these forms of fraud may face serving a lengthy prison term, along with paying some major fines.

If you have been accused with credit card fraud in Orange, California or any of its neighboring areas your case calls for the assistance of a knowledgeable, practiced, and capable attorney who can obtain a favorable outcome for you.  For a FREE initial consultation with a competent defense attorney, contact the Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen.