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Q: My son got a infraction/nontraffic ticket for “driver in possession of marijuana. The judge put him on probation. Is this right?: Can the judge give him 6-mos. probation for a nontraffic (not misdemeanor) ticket? Shouldn’t he just be fined?
Asked over 1 year ago in JuvenileA: Kim’s answer: Q. Is this right? A. No. Q. Can the judge give him 6-months probation for a non-traffic (not misdemeanor) ticket? A. No. Q. Shouldn’t he just be fined? A. Probably. The judge may have cut a deal with your son to stay out of trouble for 6 months and then he would dismiss the charge. It is not really probation but just a continuance. Ask your son to show you his probation order. If he was actually given probation there would have been a court order indicating the terms. It would be surprising if there existed such an order. Good luck, Kim W. Hansen
Answered over 1 year ago.Q: I had a misdemeanor over 15 years ago. Does it still appear on my record? If it does what can I do.: I am now unemployed for over two years. My last employer did not run a background check on me. I am now able to return to work and I will be seeking new employment,
Asked over 1 year ago in Criminal DefenseA: Kim’s answer: Q. Does my 15-year-old misdemeanor still appear on my record. A. Yes, if you were convicted and have not had it expunged. If you haven’t had it expunged, you might consider having an attorney help you with this, while you are seeking new employment. Good luck, Kim W. Hansen
Answered over 1 year ago.Q: What happens after a juvenile commits petty theft in California ?: My Juvenile daughter (16 years old) shoplifted $82.00 worth of things at Wal-Mart, once they caught her she gave the items back with out auguring they will send the fee in three days and they might go to court if the D.A decides too .
Asked over 1 year ago in JuvenileA: Kim’s answer: Petty theft is generally a misdemeanor in California assuming she has no priors. As a juvenile, she will be entitled to a public defender if the DA files charges. If a detective or investigator calls or stops by to talk to her, instruct your daughter not to do so. Let your daughter know if this happens to tell the detective or investigator she wants an attorney to represent her before discussing the case with anyone. Good luck, Kim W. Hansen
Answered over 1 year ago.

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